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John 20:13
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Mary Magdalene Questions the Angels in the Tomb by James Tissot, c. 1890
BookGospel of John
Christian Bible partNew Testament

John 20:13 is the thirteenth verse of the twentieth chapter of the Gospel of John in the New Testament of the Christian Bible. This verse occurs after Mary Magdalene has found Jesus' tomb empty, except for two angels.


In this passage the angels ask Mary why she is crying, the King James Version of the Bible stating:

And they say unto her, Woman,
why weepest thou? She saith unto
them, Because they have taken
away my lord, and I know not
where they have laid him

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The contrast between Mary's bewilderment in this episode and the dramatic change that takes place immediately thereafter is also reflected in the iconography of the corresponding scenes.[1] The depiction of Mary's confusion in her encounter with the angels is often attributed to Matthew 28:13 in which the guards are paid to say that the body had been stolen.[1] The somewhat bleak iconography of this scene is then often contrasted with the brilliant lights that shine from a resurrected Jesus after he has been recognized.[1]

The role of the angels presented in the Gospel of John during the resurrection narrative is far less than in the synoptic gospels, with John placing much of the weight on the following encounter between Mary and a resurrected Jesus.[2]

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