Coordinates: 56°15′N 12°51′E / 56.250°N 12.850°E / 56.250; 12.850
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Ängelholm old courthouse
Ängelholm old courthouse
Coat of arms of Ängelholm
Ängelholm is located in Skåne
Ängelholm is located in Sweden
Coordinates: 56°15′N 12°51′E / 56.250°N 12.850°E / 56.250; 12.850
CountySkåne County
MunicipalityÄngelholm Municipality
 • Total12.83 km2 (4.95 sq mi)
 (31 March 2017)[1]
 • Total42,131
 • Density1,811/km2 (4,690/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)

Ängelholm is a locality and the seat of Ängelholm Municipality in Skåne, Sweden with 42,131 inhabitants in 2017.[1]


The old settlement Rynestad was mentioned around the year 1600.[clarification needed]

The city was founded in 1516 as Engelholm by King Christian II of Denmark, who moved the settlement from Luntertun on the coast because it was difficult to defend. As a founder, King Christian II personally identified the boundaries of the new city, granting the city a charter in 1516. At Luntertun there is only a church garden left today.

The town remained small for centuries. Following the Treaty of Roskilde in 1658, Ängelholm, together with the rest of Skåne, was assigned by Denmark to Sweden. The town began to grow in the 19th century due to industrialization. It was also a garrison town until 1883 and had a Swedish Air Force base between 1941 and 2009. The older spelling Engelholm was retained until 1912, when the city council decided to adopt a more modern spelling in line with the Swedish spelling reform of 1906. The high-performance car manufacturer Koenigsegg Automotive is based on the premises of the decommissioned Scania Wing (F 10).


Tourism is an important industry for the city. There is a 6-kilometer long sandy beach right outside the town. The winds in Skälder Bay make the beach a popular place for sailors, wave surfers and wind surfers.

There is also an ice cream manufacturer, Engelholms Glass which produces about 1.2 million litres of ice-cream every year.

A special sight of Ängelholm is the UFO-Memorial Ängelholm.

It is known for its clay cuckoos — a special kind of ocarina. This is however a dying tradition as there is now only one producer of clay cuckoos, Sofia Nilsson. Ängelholm has the only orchestra of clay cuckoos in the whole world with which performed at the "Allsång på Skansen" in 2007.[citation needed]

Ängelholm is also the home of hockey team Rögle BK that competes in the SHL.[2]

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